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●peace and joy and love behind. CHAP●TER XXXII CHICORA WOOD March, ●1869. I AM holding on to every moment of● my full happy life, for this is to be o▓ur last year in Charleston.Mam●ma has applied for her dower, and when it is ▓assigned her, we will move into the cou●ntry, as Charlie is to graduate th●is spring at the college, and Jint●y’s education is complete, and Mamma prefers t●he country where Charlie can make a living ▓by planting rice

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.Every one is happy▓ over it but me; I cannot bear the though●t of giving up my full life; but I t●ry not to think about it until it co▓mes, but to enjoy the present▓ without alloy.Anyway we would have ▓to give up this beautiful house for the cr●editors of the estate want to sell it. ▓ I have so many delightful friend▓s; one specially who has actually taugh●t me to love poetry, by

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his persistence in rea▓ding it to me.I do believe I ha●ve always liked it in my heart,● for among my most cherished b●ooks from the time I was fourteen are C▓haucer’s Canterbury Tales given me by my f▓irst hero Cousin Joh

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